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United Purim Shuttle 


Welcome to Chabad of Palos Verdes Purim Shuttle 2017. Purim Shuttle is the ultimate WIN/WIN/WIN. YOU fulfill this Purim Mitzvah in a convenient manner. CHABAD receives your support for the valuable work in our community. FRIENDS and FAMILY are delighted to receive this lovely Purim gift of kosher goodies.

* Send a purim gift package to anyone in the South Bay  

* Special Offer - Send a package to the entire list for just $360!

* Reciprocity option below! ($6 per name)

* Send a Purim Gift to an Israeli Soldier 

* Orders must be submitted by Monday, March 15!

This year we will be celebrating the holiday of Purim on Wednesday Night and Thursday, mARCH 20th & 21th. On Purim It is a special Mitzvah to send gifts of food to friends known as Mishloach Manot. This beautiful tradition promotes unity and friendship amongst the community at large!

NEW! We are excited to be offering this wonderful online tool to streamline the Purim Shuttle experience. 

If you don't have your  ID & Password contact the office:


Send a Purim Gift to an Israeli Solder
Click here to send a purim gift to an israeli soldier
This Purim send a Purim Gift basket to a soldier in Israel. Show your solidarity with the Israeli soldiers who are putting their lives on the line. Make their Purim a Happy one!. Again, we are offering an opportunity to send a Purim gift to a soldier in Israel. For only $18 you can have a personalized Purim card with your name attached sent to an Israeli soldier.

Best wishes for a Happy & joyous Purim